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19.07.2012 06:00

"Works for overhaul of the condensate pipeline D377 mm utilizing UKMT/Smart Lock were performed by the specialists of your company during the period from October 12 to December 11, 2009. Thanks to successful design of the sleeves and no need for hot works, about 40 defects were repaired without suspending product transportation process. In spite of several temperature drops down to minus 40° С, all the works were performed following UKMT/Smart Lock installation procedures. By results of the repeated in-line inspection (‘pigging') carried out in April 2012, no defects were discovered in the sections of the condensate pipeline repaired using this procedure. 

Achimgaz JSC expresses its gratitude for technical support rendered in timely manner.

Implementation of this advanced procedure for pipeline repair provides optimal and efficient usage of material and technical resources and manpower. As result, our company saved considerable amount of money and provided safe operation of the condensate pipeline.


Deputy Director General for Production  V.N. Tsuba"


отзыв Ачимгаз 2012