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02.06.2009 06:46

"Please be hereby informed that on 24.06.2009, repair of a defect discovered as a result of in-line inspection was carried out on the sector of the main line “Belooziorsk Gas Processing Plant – Nizhnevartovsk GRES Power Plant” with the operating pressure of 5.5 MPa. Defect characteristics: type – external corrosion, length along the line axle – 560 mm, element width – 704 mm, depth – 55-60% of the wall thickness. Due to the fact that this sector lies in a heavily marshy area, we took decision on the use of sleeves UKMT/Smart Lock manufactured by your company.
As a result of efficient and prompt actions on the part of personnel of OOO PSO Neftegazdiagnostika, it took only four days from the first telephone talks to the delivery and installation of the sleeves UKMT/Smart Lock. The repair was carried out without use of hot works, which was of great importance in this case.
I express thanks to all workers who have shown understanding of our requirements for the urgency of this problem.

Best regards,

 Chief Engineer  E.S. Ryabov"