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Development and production of
composite reinforcing sleeves for major pipeline repair
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Composite repair sleeves


Universal composite reinforcement sleeve CONE-COMPOSITE

CONE-COMPOSITE sleeves repair provides for:

• The restoration of the bearing capacity of the section with defects up to the level of a defectfree
• Leak tightness of the repaired section for the remaining operating life of the pipeline.

Repair using CONE-COMPOSITE sleeves is classified as an overhaul repair method of pipelines.

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Universal composite reinforcement sleeve CONE (UKM)

Universal conical sleeve CONE is innovative invention of PSO NEFTEGAZDIAGNOSTIKA LLC. This product was developed based on results of many years of work and accumulated expertise in pipeline repair techniques. Sleeve design was registered as invention (patent). The invented sleeves passed the series of tests and were provided with all required certificates and permits. The sleeves are manufactured in batches as per the existing specifications.
Repair procedure using
CONE provides 100% restoration of bearing capacity of the pipeline, i.e. restoration of original capacity of the pipeline as before defected.



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Universal composite reinforcement sleeve SMART LOCK (UKMT)

Studying the fiberglass structures evolution and using the analysis of existing methods to repair pipelines, specialists of «NefteGazDiagnostika» LLC have developed the composite pipeline sleeve SMART LOCK (UKMT).This product has been commercially available since 2008.
The sleeve consists of two half-shells manufactured by unidirectional winding of glass roving on stainless steel flanges. The principle of SMART LOCK operation — the pipeline internal pressure compensation by the external contact pressure developed at high tightening torque of bolted connections. The technology allows SMART LOCK installing at operating pressures with guaranteed quality, unlike the sleeves installed without preloading.

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