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Development and production of
composite reinforcing sleeves for major pipeline repair
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Pipeline welding repair using composite sleeve CONE-COMPOSITE 720
Samotlor oil field of Rosneft (July 2021)

GERMES composite sleeve pressure test
Moscow (August 2018)

Cone-Composite Plus 168 pilot testing
in the LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company (March 2018)

Cone-Composite 530 pressure test
in the VNIPI "Vzryvgeofizika" testing lab (September 2017)



Gas pipelines overhaul and emergency repairs in "GAZPROM"
Severo-Stavropolskoye gas field of Gazprom (May 2015)

"LatRosTrans" product pipepine overhaul using Smart Lock
Riga (July 2015)


Cone 325 (UKM 325)  pressure test

Cone 325 (UKM 325)  pilot test in "LUKOIL-PERM"


Underwater repair using Smart Lock (UKMT) in Baltic sea (12/08/2010)

Cone 820 (UKM 820)  pressure test

Smart Lock (UKMT) pressure test (20/12/2013)

Underwater repair using Smart Lock (UKMT) in Caspian sea (25/06/2012)

Online oil pipeline major repair using Smart Lock (UKMT)



Emergency repairs using Smart Lock (UKMT)