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04.08.2010 05:56

"From October 12 to December 11, 2009, the specialists of OOO NTC Neftegazdiagnostika, pursuant to the Agreement No. АГ-09-П/670 dated October 28, 2009, plotted and, during the AFDT, verified 29 most critical defects detected as a result of the in-line inspection of the export condensate pipeline from CGTP-31 to condensate pre-transportation treatment facility, which was previously conducted by your company under the Agreement No. АГ-09-П/625 dated July 07, 2009. Detectability was 100%.
The majority of the specified defects was located at the pipeline sections laid on the swampland. 41 UKMT/Smart Lock reinforcing composite sleeves, produced by OOO PSO Neftegazdiagnostika, were installed to repair these 29 defects. Due to great spread of the defects, 12 sections required repair using two sleeves per defect.
The repair work was performed right after the AFDT without ceasing condensate pumping, without pressure reduction, without hot works, or any all-terrain and earth moving equipment, and required only one mobilization of diagnostics and repair personnel.
Combination of the AFDT and the repair works, as well as implementation of an advanced pipeline repair method, allowed optimum use of inventory and human resources, which eventually enabled our enterprise to save considerable monetary assets.  

I look forward to our further mutually beneficial cooperation.  

Acting General Director                                                                                 V.N. Tsuba"