Technical diagnostics and industrial safety expert appraisal of oil and gas facilities


Search defective areas on the ground by the results of in-line inspection

Development and production of
composite reinforcing sleeves for major pipeline repair
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  • Developing and production of composite reinforcing sleeves for onshore, offshore, main, field and technological pipelines.

  • Repair of onshore, offshore, main, field and technological pipelines using composite reinforcing sleeves

  • Technical diagnostics and industrial safety expert review of oil and gas industry facilities

  • Pipelines cleaning and intelligent pigging 

  • Underwater crossings inspection, including diving

  • Underwater technical works

  • Search defective areas on site according to results of the intelligent pigging

  • Pipeline and equipment technical condition monitoring systems development and installation at the oil and gas facilities

  • Development and installation of steelwork corrosion protection systems  using a proprietary process  and equipment of own production

  • Survey of contact between the pipe and protective casing installed at the pipeline passages crossing the natural and artificial barriers, positioning and detecting the coordinates.

  • Technical diagnostics support

  • Selling equipment and rendering services in pipeline blanking.

  • Selling pipeline cleaning equipment manufactured by the leading Russian and international companies.

  • Technical standards and method statements development

  • Surveying and mapping 

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