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03.08.2015 06:39

"In June-July2015, LatRosTrans LLC purchased the sets of pipeline composite reinforcement sleeves (Smart Lock|UKMT) from TechexpertBaltic LLC, for implementation of the scheduled repair of the metal defects in the main product pipelines of 'Polotsk-Ventspils'. In our opinion, the advantages of this repair procedure are as follows: unsophisticated technology requires no lifting/handling equipment, no welding required, quick installation of the sleeves, and no depressurization of the pipeline required.
All sleeves were delivered in diligent and timely manner. Smart Lock (UKMT) delivery set included all the tools and materials required for installation. The representative of TechexpertBaltic LLC conducted training sessions for personnel of LatRosTrans LLC, and issued the appropriate certificates.


Deputy Director for Operations,
Equipment Diagnostics Engineer,

+37 1 65401243

Igor Blakuniv"

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