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"...In our opinion, the advantages of this repair procedure are as follows: unsophisticated technology requires no lifting/handling equipment, no welding required, quick installation of the sleeves, and no depressurization of the pipeline required..."

03.08.2015 06:39/

"...Due to a successful design of the SMART LOCK sleeves, the works have been performed in due time, without employing heavy earth moving equipment, which enabled us to save time as well as human, inventory and financial resources considerably..."

12.09.2012 05:47/

"...Implementation of this advanced procedure for pipeline repair provides optimal and efficient usage of material and technical resources and manpower. As result, our company saved considerable amount of money and provided safe operation of the condensate pipeline."


19.07.2012 06:00/

"...Smart Lock (UKMT) 1020 installed by your specialists, was utilized for repair of the chamber. The sleeve failed to resist power liquid pressure of 800 kg/cm2, still, the sleeve itself was not damaged. After dismantling, the sleeve will be operable and suitable for intended purposes...."


15.04.2011 06:17/

"...The defects were eliminated using continuous repair procedure implemented under severe in-field conditions without imposing any restrictions on operating modes of the pipeline and suspension of oil products transportation. Thus, considerable amount of time, manpower, material, technical, and financial resources were saved."


01.11.2010 07:21/

"...The repair work was performed right after the AFDT without ceasing condensate pumping, without pressure reduction, without hot works, or any all-terrain and earth moving equipment, and required only one mobilization of diagnostics and repair personnel..."

04.08.2010 05:56/

"...OOO Nyagangazpererabotka expresses its gratitude for high-quality and prompt repair of a section of the main gas pipeline "Krasnoleninsky GPP – tie-in point into the Urengoy-Center-1, 2 main pipeline" by the specialists of your company and is looking forward to a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation..."

13.06.2010 06:25/

"...As a result of efficient and prompt actions on the part of personnel of OOO PSO Neftegazdiagnostika, it took only four days from the first telephone talks to the delivery and installation of the sleeves. The repair was carried out without use of hot works, which was of great importance in this case..."

02.06.2009 06:46/

"...The use of SMART LOCK allows us to eliminate a critical issue of a prompt repair of penetrating defects of the oilfield pipelines without ceasing of pumping and discharging and without any claims from the federal authorities regulating such types of repairs..."

19.12.2008 07:35/

"...Owing to a successful design of the SMART LOCK sleeves, the repair works were performed in due time, without employing heavy earth moving equipment, high power sludge pumps and, most important, without hot works. As a result, we saved valuable time as well as considerable inventory, material and financial resources..."


11.06.2008 06:54/