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15.04.2011 06:17

"In April, an accident happened resulting in through crack of the casting chamber of the isostatic press. 

Chamber specifications are as follows: outer/inner diameter of the chamber is 1,020/800m; chamber length is 2,700 mm and operating pressure is 1000 kg/cm2.
Crack dimensions are as follows: length over the outer face of the chamber is 20 mm and length over the inner surface of the chamber is 250 mm.
Smart Lock (UKMT) 1020 installed by your specialists, was utilized for repair of the chamber. The sleeve failed to resist power liquid pressure of 800 kg/cm2, still, the sleeve itself was not damaged. After dismantling, the sleeve will be operable and suitable for intended purposes.
I would like to express my gratitude for the services rendered for repair of the chamber.


Chief Technology Officer 


A.M. Gorokhovsky, "