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Development and production of
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11.01.2015 11:51



Studying the fiberglass structures evolution and using the analysis of existing methods to repair pipelines, specialists of «NefteGazDiagnostika» LLC have developed the composite pipeline sleeve SMART LOCK (UKMT).This product has been commercially available since 2008.
The sleeve consists of two half-shells manufactured by unidirectional winding of glass roving on stainless steel flanges. The principle of SMART LOCK operation — the pipeline internal pressure compensation by the external contact pressure developed at high tightening torque of bolted connections. The technology allows SMART LOCK installing at operating pressures with guaranteed quality, unlike the sleeves installed without preloading.

SMART LOCK are different from all currently existing types of repair sleeves, it covers a wide range of existing types and sizes of the pipelines under repair — from 50 to 1420 mm in outside diameter. It provides full overlap of the repaired section, long flaws can be repaired using sleeves sequenced back-to-back mounting. Sleeve installation is simple, repair rate is high, the volume of needed earth-moving works is low.
SMART LOCK (UKMT) qualified for application in the petroleum sector, it has hygienic and conformity certificates as well as ISO 9001 — 2008 conformity certificate and Russian Maritime Register Of Shipping Approval.
SMART LOCK can be used also for underwater pipelines repair and emergency pipeline leaking.
Since this repair is classified as overhaul, some oil- and gas producing enterprises use SMART LOCK to repair the pipelines’ ruptures, including repairs without pressure release (hot tapping).

The sleeves are manufactured in the factory. Total quality control is exercised while production including full-load test of each sleeve. Test results are recorded in article’s certificate. Each set are supplied with a detailed Application instructions.

SMART LOCK products can be used to repair internal and external pipeline flaws with metal loss up to 100% of the nominal wall thickness.

In most cases, installing Smart Lock (UKMT) is an alternative to the spool cut.  



 Parameter description  Parameter value
 Tensile strength, MPa, at least 800
 Bending stress at failure, MPa, at least 200
 Peripheral zone E modulus, MPa, at least 3.0 x 104
 Density, kg/m3 1600 – 1800
 Water absorption within 24 hours, %, no more than 0.2


model diameter, mm length, mm sleeve weight, kg insert weight, kg weight of paste, kg
Smart Lock-89 120 150 2,8 0,32 2
Smart Lock-114 140 150 3.1 0.38 2
Smart Lock-159 170 150 3.5 0.55 2
Smart Lock-168 190 150 3.5 0.65 2
Smart Lock-219 240 500 17 2.1 2
Smart Lock-273 290 500 18.94 3.1 2
Smart Lock-325 350 500 20.06 3.4 4
Smart Lock-355 370 500 21.08 3.6 4
Smart Lock-377 400 500 24.50 3.8 4
Smart Lock-426 450 500 22.32 5.4 4
Smart Lock-530 550 500 34.68 5.6 6
Smart Lock-610 630 500 37.8 6.2 6
Smart Lock-630 660 500 43.90 6.6 6
Smart Lock-720 750 500 45.50 7.1 8
Smart Lock-820 850 500 48.60 8.1 8
Smart Lock-1020 1050 500 68.53 9 8
Smart Lock-1067 1100 500 72.5 10 8
Smart Lock-1220 1250 500 80.60 12 8
Smart Lock-1420 1450 500 88.00 14 8




  • Major repair
  • No hot work
  • No pressure releasing
  • Easy installation
  • Small scope of earthwork
  • No use of heavy machinery
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant
  • Cost-effective
  • High repair speed









To avoid negative mechanical impact on welds Smart Lock includes a fiberglass split insert which is slightly thicker than weld seam allowable by regulations and standards.
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Addition of insert to the sleeve configuration allows to install Smart Lock (UKMT) on seam and spiral seam pipes and to use sleeves to repair defects in the vertical weld area and weld defects without leveling them to pipe surface.
With the help of special tooling Smart Lock (UKMT) may be used to repair misalignment weld defect type.
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Smart Lock (UKMT) is significantly lighter then similar metal structures. 530 mm diameter Smart Lock (UKMT) with bolts and insert weighs no more than 30 kg.
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