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GAZPROM advanced technical solutions catalogue 2013


The fist issue of the 'Catalogue of advanced technical solutions' released in 2013, became the workplace tool utilized by more than 600 branches and subsidiaries of PJSC Gazprom. This catalogue stirred interest in other industries as well, which is considered as acknowledgement of universal nature and wide applicability of the major solutions presented in this issue and its general relevance.
Common practice of using off-the-shelf solutions in industrial design and construction often inhibits implementation of innovative approaches. Such common practices contribute to regress of the conservative companies by preventing them from being in tune with the times. The problem is the lack of a systematized reference book containing description of either the technologies proven by the leading companies or the innovative approaches making their first steps in the market. Thus a designer creating framework for the future sites to be operated for the next 30-40 years, has to use already outdated technologies, literally, utilize a 'padlock' on the 'wicket doors' of the modern compressed-air station controlled by the central control room via Internet. PJSC Gazprom in cooperation with the Publishing House 'Gas-turbine Technologies' creates the Catalogue of advanced construction solutions, technologies, structural elements, tools, expendables, and other spare parts utilized for construction of new sites, renovation, and operation of compressor plants, transferrable into practice starting from design up to operations stage. Purpose of this Catalogue is to save time spent on search and selection of the elements, and optimize logistics and on-site installation.

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"Точка Опоры", June 2010

Although the modern diagnostic facilities provide for identification of numerous critical defects, the rates and cost of construction of new utilities impede the owners to perform timely replacement of worn out parts, therefore the issue of relatively cheap in terms of financial and labor costs though effective and reliable approaches to pipelines repair becomes acute...

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"Oil&Gas Journal Russia", December 2009


In June 2008 OIL&GAS JOURNAL RUSSIA published an overview of advanced pipeline repair techniques. The article gave a review of the repair methods using composite sleeve, fiberglass repair sleeve, pipeline composite reinforcing sleeve Smart Lock and Clock Spring. The article drew a response, and the team of authors received lots of questions from readers.

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